You have a lot of information and materials to share with growers throughout the season to help them make informed decisions. Streamline all of your communications into one centralized location that is easily accessible. With the new Inbox feature in the Grower Portal, you can share any digital file, from test plot results to agronomic maps to sell sheets.


With the Inbox, you can: 

  • Conveniently share files directly  with a customer 

  • Access a reference library of all files shared in a single location 

  • Send and view files directly in the Sales Hub

How does this work?

  1. Open up the app and navigate to the Sales Hub

  2. Select “Clients” and select a customer to add a file for

  3. Under the “Inbox” tab, select “New Record”

  4. Fill in the information and add the file, the select “Send to Inbox”

  5. The grower will be notified that the file has been added to their inbox


Share critical information with your growers in real-time with the Inbox.

What does this mean for growers?

  1. Log in to the Grower Portal app or online site 

  2. Select “Inbox” on the homepage

  3. View any files shared, sorted by folders

  4. Click into a file to download it





Share information more easily to keep growers informed in a single easy-to-access location.