Your Team is Key to Digital Success

Why a successful onboarding and internal rollout is crucial

When AgVend Partner Retailers look to us for a digital engagement platform, they often do so with their customers in mind. “How do we create and launch something that will be used by our growers?”

Rather than starting with the grower, however, we’ve found that the key to customer adoption starts with the retailer’s team. If they are on board with the new technology and advocating for it, then customers will follow. We surveyed a group of growers from our partners and found that over 50% were introduced to the portal by their agronomist.

Start with your people

An understanding of what makes your company unique ensures the digital platform will fit how your team works. We learn how you go to market, how you work with growers, and what attributes reflect your customers (for example, size, crops and geography).

We work alongside your organization to gather this information and make decisions. Getting the full team involved helps secure employee buy-in, which ultimately aids internal adoption.

To kick things off, we recommend:

  • Identify a point person. This individual is the internal champion for the project and the main point of contact with AgVend.

  • Pull in people as needed. Not everyone is involved with every component or every stage, so we respect their time. Typically, the process requires a commitment of a few hours a week for various stakeholders.

  • Make AgVend part of your team. We’re here to help! We facilitate and lend our expertise to make the process as simple as possible every step of the way.

As we engage stakeholders, we work with you to identify what your company hopes to achieve with the platform. Improved efficiency is often near the top of the list, but we want to go deeper than that. Maybe it’s growing the number of producers using your agronomic services, reducing the cost of back office administration costs, or increasing wallet share.

Whatever your objectives, we’ll pinpoint what rises to the top for your team to help set goals as the platform rolls out.

Structure the technology for your company’s needs

As we put the pieces in place for your digital engagement platform, we’ll focus on three points to ensure a best fit for your company.

  1. Alignment with your sales process. Nothing slows customer adoption more than a reluctant sales team, so this piece is imperative. Once they see and understand the efficiency improvements, they are likely to fully embrace the new system. After all, less paperwork benefits both the sales team and their customers.

  2. Centralized digital tools. We work across departments to consolidate and integrate existing technology under a single platform. Consider agronomic tools, financing providers, offer-management systems for grain, and more brought together in a centralized location with a seamless experience.

  3. Look and feel of your brand. The digital platform is essentially another storefront, and it should reflect your brand in tone and message.

Implement the technology, optimize for internal adoption

Once the platform has been built, roll it out to internal audiences first based on goals identified earlier.

There are three key steps to achieve internal adoption:

  1. Communication

Put your team first. We’ve seen companies make announcements to custo