Price Wizard

We know that you spend a lot of time calculating margin or trying to find historical pricing when quoting products to your growers. We’ve added tools to help you in this process.


With the Price Wizard, you can: 

  • Automatically calculate the margin on products when sending quotes and orders 

  • Easily see all price tiers on any item

  • Look up historical pricing on a product for that grower’s quote


Arm yourself with more information while cutting down on calculations and screen-switching with the Price Wizard.

How does this work?

  1. Open up the app and navigate to the Sales Hub

  2. Select “Clients” and create a new quote or order, or respond to a quote from a grower 

  3. Add a product and select the calculator icon within the “Price” input box

  4. From here, you can calculate the margin, view all pricing tiers, and see the price history of the product for the selected grower

Margin Calc 1.png
Margin Calc 2.png

You’ll now have more information when sharing pricing, so you can be more confident in sales conversations. All these tools are centrally located and easy to access in the Grower Portal mobile app and desktop site.