Requesting Quote Changes

Turn a quote request into a purchase faster by making it easier for growers to nail down the right products at the right price. We made it easier for growers to request changes to their quotes from anywhere. 


Growers can:

  • Request changes to an existing quote

  • Get pricing on the products needed faster

  • Manage everything right in the app

How does this work for growers?

  1. Log in to the Grower Portal app or online site 

  2. Select “Get a Quote” and then “Your Quotes”

  3. Under the quote that you want changed, click “ Request Changes”

  4. Write a message to your salesperson and send


How does this work for you?

  1. When you are notified of a quote change request, navigate to the Sales Hub

  2. From the “Quotes” tab, select the quote to be changed

  3. Make the requested edits and send it to your grower

Phone_C-5 SH Quote Request Changes Clien

Reduce the tedious back-and-forth of the quoting process with a faster, simpler workflow.